Call with Privacy


  • No trace on your handset
  • Shows as "Unknown" on recipient's handset
  • No registration
  • No log on the monthly bill


No Logs

No numbers are logged on your handset, the recipient handset, our servers nor your monthly bill

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No Registration

You don't need to register your phone or signup. Install our Android App or make a call directly from your browser

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Call Any Phone

Mobile number or landline, as long as it's not premuim number - we support it

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What are people say?

works good, seems to have lots of potential, Hey! Won't work with call block setted on BLOCK UNKNOWING calls!! Bye, bye for now.....

Jesus Maldonado Play Store

Great app But If there was a 1 month or 1 year purchase it would be awesome!

From: Play Store

Selim Balci Play Store

Love it So far it's great yes you have to pay but it's worth it if you really need the discretion....

Aurora Chavez Play Store

Cool system, can be free It's effective, works well, no uneccessary permissions or lag. I used to pay a lot for a service like this for landline 8 years ago. It accepts google play credit so I use the google opinion rewards app to get money for 1 hour passes.

Kandi Klover Berlin, Germany

Great App for Privacy supporters If you need some privacy, this seems like a good solution. Incoming calls for both parties, nothing is left of the phone...

Adam Gordon London, UK

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How it works

When you make a call with Untraceable Calls, we use two regular phone calls from blocked or unknown numbers to call you and your callee. Yes, it's that simple, just two regular incoming calls, nothing more.

However, the two calls will be randomly routed through two completely different servers and set of providers.

Once the calls have been established, they will be connected through secured data connection, which will ensure privacy to both ends.

Note: Untraceable doesn't mean the call cannot be tapped or recorded. If someone is listening to your call, he will hear it. The call isn't scrambled or encrypted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the service really untraceable?

We are doing everything to make it untraceable: using a variety of techniques to ensure the call information is not registered on any point. Both you and the callee receive incoming calls from blocked or random numbers. All signaling data is encrypted, and we make sure the connection on the backend is discreet. Note that other then your App/Browwser, no device has access to both numbers. Not even us.
HOWEVER, even banks and highly secured institutions have been hacked in the past...

Do I need to register?

No. Using the system does not require any registration, and we do not ask for any user information.

The only thing we have is the invoice we get from the payment providers such as PayPal or Google Wallet. In such a case, we know someone paid for access, but we don't know who nor if that plan was used or not

Is the service free?

No, the service is not free, you will need to buy a plan to use the service.

Providing you with real high-level privacy service have costs, such as incoming regular phone calls, and also require constant upgrading and improvments.

What about the call quality?

The quality of the call should be the same as any other incoming call. However, as we are using different methods and providers to support this service, some calls might have low quality. If it happens, or if a call did not go through, please hang-up and call again

Remember - all plans are unlimited!

Do you collect any information?

We do not collect any personal information. We collect some anonimuse usage inforamtion to improve the service and monitor problems. On the handset we use local-storage to manage the plans and the term of use acceptance. If you choose to clear the cache or use an incognito more, we will simply keep nagging you to approve every call

Why don't you sell plans by minutes?

In order to provide you with real privacy, we do not count minutes or sell minutes, because this means we do not know who uses the service and for how long. This is why all our plans are for unlimited use during a period.

Can I use it for international calls?

Currently, the website only permits domestic calls.
But we do offer international Untraceable Calls for Android App.

Contact US

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For this, and for any other issue or problem, contact us at: